Welcome and thank you for your interest in my work as an illustrator and comicbook-artist.

Although I'm an illustrator and comicbook-artist by trade I ' m interested in lots of others things and I figured it would be nice to share at least some of these interests with you.

Have fun!

Ben Vranken

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Hello there,

again it has been a while but that' s because I have been really busy with a lot of different things. I' m sorry if you kept on visiting this blog and was dissapointed time after time. Your suffering is over!

Last year in november I got incredible lucky because I was invited to make a trip to Iceland. I was asked to do a story for a well known Dutch motoring magazine.
For AUTOWEEK I did a story about a ' father and son' -adventure on the beautiful volcanic island.
A Dutch travelling agent offers this trip to fathers and sons in need of some quality time with each other.( I went with my son Wiborg.)
We drove a quad-bike, rode on horse-back and visited an incredible cave.
All of this against the beautiful Icelandic backdrop. It was very inspiring to visit this little nordic country and I really liked the atmosphere up there. People are very relaxed and helpfull.
I can recommend a visit to Iceland especially when you' re in to volcanoes, fjords and caves.

I published some photos I took during this trip.

Till next time

Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Naast strips maak ik natuurlijk ook illustraties voor diverse opdrachtgevers. Enkele voorbeelden laat ik hier graag zien. Het bovenste werk is gemaakt voor Hartpatienten Nederland, de belangenvereniging voor mensen met hartproblemen en de tweede tekening staat in het Zeeuws Tijdschrift., het magazine over alles wat in Zeeland speelt.


Omdat ik toch aan het tekenen was heb ik maar gelijk een nieuwe promotiekaart voor mezelf gemaakt. Ik neem er een paar mee naar Haarlem dus als je me ziet lopen schiet me even aan dan krijg je er eentje.

Stripdagen Haarlem

Hallo daar,

het is alweer een poosje geleden dat dit blog geupdate is maar de Haarlemse stripdagen van het komende weekeinde leek mij een goed moment om weer eens wat vers werk on-line te zetten .
In de refter van het stadhuis te Haarlem is trouwens een kleine expo te zien waar ook werk van mij , als oud-VPRO-debuutprijswinnaar, te zien zal zijn: KOMT DAT ZIEN!

Verder is bij uitgeverij Xtra natuurlijk nog steeds het prachtige werkje 'SCHROOT' te koop waar ik op zondag 6 juni bovendien met veel plezier een origineel tekeningetje in zal maken.

Friday, November 20, 2009

werkjes van de laatste tijd

Monday, March 02, 2009


Hi there,

recently I did a story for Fred de Heij's brandnew magazine "PULPMAN" . Brought to you by "Uitgeverij Xtra" from Amsterdam the magazine's packed with high quality-stories and news. Fred edited the magazine and contributed most of the comics. He also did the beautiful cover art. My story is called "Het Danspaleis" and it's based on a song by "The Kinks". I hope you like it.
Check your local newspaperstand or bookstore for "PULPMAN",it's only 7,95 euro's!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



a while ago I was asked to do a series of drawings for 'De Volkskrant', a major Dutch newspaper. They were preparing a special on the Northsea and we figured it would be nice to have a sort of comic running through the newspaper.
Both 'De Volkskrant' and me were very pleased with the result and I hope you will be too. The on-line version of the webspecial can be found by going here


Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hello everybody,

again it has been a while but I just needed some time to recover from those hectic 'Haarlemse Stripdagen'.
As you know my new graphic novel: "Schroot" was released there and it was a great succes; thanks to the good people of 'Uitgeverij Xtra', I sold a lot of copies.
I think the book is very well executed and looks really good.
It was fun meeting all the people you normally seldom see because they live in remote parts of the country like Amsterdam.
Well, because of all this and because of the fact that the weather was very nice I spent most of my time drinking beer and talking to old friends on the squares of Haarlem.
I would like to say thanks to all the people that bought a copy of my book.
You can obtain your copy through the editor's website and as from now the book will also be available in bookshops across the country.
Check your local comic-retailer for a copy of "Schroot"; it's only 12,50 euro's

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Page from: "De Luidruchtige Boom" ("The Noisy Tree").
Page from:"Woeste Hoogten"("Wuthering Heights").

Page from: "Schroot" ("Scrap-iron").

Dear reader,

let me just show you a few pages from my latest graphic novel. The book consists of three stories in black and white with greyscales. The total amount of pages is 96!


Well hi there,

after a rather long period of silence from my part I'm back again because there has been some developments in the comic-department.
After working very hard for the past few months my newest graphic novel is finally finished and can be found at the coming convention at the Dutch town of Haarlem coming weekend.
I will be there too myself and I will be happy to provide your copy with an original drawing.
I don't know the exact time yet but I will be present in the "Philarmonie'-building which is also the nerve-center of the festival, so I'm told.
My editor ( Uitgeverij Xtra ) is situated next to the VIP-bar. Feel free to drop by and check out the other excellent books they publish.
Well , see you in Haarlem and ofcourse I hope you will like my latest book.
It's called "Schroot" ("Scrap Iron") and it's only 12,50 euro's.