Welcome and thank you for your interest in my work as an illustrator and comicbook-artist.

Although I'm an illustrator and comicbook-artist by trade I ' m interested in lots of others things and I figured it would be nice to share at least some of these interests with you.

Have fun!

Ben Vranken

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Archaeological News

As from today a new edition of Hollands finest magazine on archaeology can be found at your local newsstand or bookstore. ' Archeologie Magazine ' as it is called is filled with interesting stuff about (amongst many other things) a special on the archaeological remains of the "Great War" and on war- archaeology in general, interesting news about the "Antonine Wall",articles about Jersey, Canterbury, the Champagne district in France and Egypt. Furthermore the magazine is packed with little news-items,links to websites and beautiful pictures.
I have my own little ' corner' (in fact it's a whole page!) in the magazine with which I am very pleased because I really like the way the magazine is executed. In this 'corner' I like to write and draw about archaeology from a somewhat different and highly non-scientific angle.
On their website ( www.archeologiemagazine.nl ) you can learn more about this fine magazine.

Thursday, December 14, 2006


..and there's more good news: two of my stories have been published in the 300plus paged anthology GR'OMNIBUS made by the people behind the GR'NN-magazine and published by Sherpa(a small Dutch publishing house). I did the stories quite a while ago but the book was published to celebrate the 10th birthday of the magazine and it looks very good! Altough I do not fancy all of the stories I think most of them are o.k.
It's nice to see the pages I drew ages ago in print again and what's more: I still like them !
The book also features lots of other famous Dutch(and international) small press artists like Anke Feuchtenberger,Marcel Ruyters, Markus, Amoebe and many more.It's a nice book to help you make it through the coming holidays and it's only 24,95 euros.
Check out the publishers website (www.sherpa.nu) for more details.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Emergency border

At last I finished the story I have been working on for Hollands #1 comic (amongst other things) mag Zone5300. All the changes that had to be made in the end turned out very well. as you can see I had to add an ornamental border to make up for the loss of right dimensions. What originally was an emergency solution now turns out to be a very important part of the story and really gives the story an extra 'layer'.
Don't forget to check your local newsstand or bookstore in december for the winter-edition of Zone5300!

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Scrap Metal Part II

Well it has been a while but here's an update about the comic I was busy translating into the Dutch language. Well at least that is what I thought I was doing. In the end it turned out there had to be done a lot of more work besides translating in order to get the comic published. Because there was but room for an 8 page story I had to almost cut in half my 15 page story(!).
But it turned out well and I think the story has become more powerfull because a lot of items in the end were not essential to the story.
By cutting the story in half I was forced to use only the most necesary ingredients of this little tale. Storiewise this cutback of pages has been a blessing in disguise.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Scrap Metal Idol

At the moment I am working on the Dutch translation of my story 'The Scrap Metal Idol'. Originally written in English, this story was to be my contribution to the 2005 SPX-Anthology. Unfortunately it was rejected for unknown reasons (at least I don't know them) which is a great pity because I think it's a rather nice comic. Anyway; the people behind the best Dutch comic magazine ever decided to publish it in their next issue. The name of the magazine is : ZONE 5300 and you can learn more about them at their site www.zone5300.nl
In the past I have published some stories in ZONE 5300 but I have been busy with a lot of other thing so it has been a while but I'm glad to be back!
Check your newsstand in November for the latest issue of ZONE 5300.
'The Scrap Metal Idol' deals with religion but I really wanted to tell something about how time moves on and how we and our problems ,worries and fears will all be forgotten in the future.
Talking about the future: you will have to be patient untill november when you wil be able to read it for yourself. Offcourse I hope you will enjoy it!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Welcome at the "Home of the Happy Beet" ; Ben Vranken's weblog. I shall be using this weblog to let the world know about my work as an illustrator and comicbook artist.
I'm working on a website and when this is finished you will be the first to know!