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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The Scrap Metal Idol

At the moment I am working on the Dutch translation of my story 'The Scrap Metal Idol'. Originally written in English, this story was to be my contribution to the 2005 SPX-Anthology. Unfortunately it was rejected for unknown reasons (at least I don't know them) which is a great pity because I think it's a rather nice comic. Anyway; the people behind the best Dutch comic magazine ever decided to publish it in their next issue. The name of the magazine is : ZONE 5300 and you can learn more about them at their site www.zone5300.nl
In the past I have published some stories in ZONE 5300 but I have been busy with a lot of other thing so it has been a while but I'm glad to be back!
Check your newsstand in November for the latest issue of ZONE 5300.
'The Scrap Metal Idol' deals with religion but I really wanted to tell something about how time moves on and how we and our problems ,worries and fears will all be forgotten in the future.
Talking about the future: you will have to be patient untill november when you wil be able to read it for yourself. Offcourse I hope you will enjoy it!

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