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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Archaeological News

As from today a new edition of Hollands finest magazine on archaeology can be found at your local newsstand or bookstore. ' Archeologie Magazine ' as it is called is filled with interesting stuff about (amongst many other things) a special on the archaeological remains of the "Great War" and on war- archaeology in general, interesting news about the "Antonine Wall",articles about Jersey, Canterbury, the Champagne district in France and Egypt. Furthermore the magazine is packed with little news-items,links to websites and beautiful pictures.
I have my own little ' corner' (in fact it's a whole page!) in the magazine with which I am very pleased because I really like the way the magazine is executed. In this 'corner' I like to write and draw about archaeology from a somewhat different and highly non-scientific angle.
On their website ( www.archeologiemagazine.nl ) you can learn more about this fine magazine.

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