Welcome and thank you for your interest in my work as an illustrator and comicbook-artist.

Although I'm an illustrator and comicbook-artist by trade I ' m interested in lots of others things and I figured it would be nice to share at least some of these interests with you.

Have fun!

Ben Vranken

Thursday, January 10, 2008


This is the card I did this year ( I do them every year and it's becoming a real x-mas-tradition) for STENELUX, the fine shop in Amsterdam that sells the most beautiful objects from natural history you can find. When in town it certainly is worth a visit.
It's located near the Rijksmuseum in the 1e Jacob van Campenstraat 2

It's alive!!

Hello there,

Oops, 2008 already? well it's just like I updated this weblog only yesterday but again it has been a while. I'm sorry but I don't seem to have the discipline needed to maintain a weblog. I promise however to do the best I can in the new year!
Let me start by wishing everybody a wonderful 2008!
In my last update (dating from august,I'm afraid ) I told you about the graphic novel I was doing . Unfortunately I didn't manage to finish it in time so I'm still working on it and we've decided to postpone its publication.
We ( the publishing house and myself hope to be able to publish the book by the summer of this year.
But "Scrap Iron" (as the graphic novel will be named )is not the only thing I have been busy with during the last months of 2007. I have been doing a lot of illustrations for all sorts of purposes and even a "life-event" where I was asked to draw in public came my way.
The coming year however I hope to focus on my career as a comicbook-artist and be able to do some fine stories for you.