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Although I'm an illustrator and comicbook-artist by trade I ' m interested in lots of others things and I figured it would be nice to share at least some of these interests with you.

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Ben Vranken

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Hello everybody,

again it has been a while but I just needed some time to recover from those hectic 'Haarlemse Stripdagen'.
As you know my new graphic novel: "Schroot" was released there and it was a great succes; thanks to the good people of 'Uitgeverij Xtra', I sold a lot of copies.
I think the book is very well executed and looks really good.
It was fun meeting all the people you normally seldom see because they live in remote parts of the country like Amsterdam.
Well, because of all this and because of the fact that the weather was very nice I spent most of my time drinking beer and talking to old friends on the squares of Haarlem.
I would like to say thanks to all the people that bought a copy of my book.
You can obtain your copy through the editor's website and as from now the book will also be available in bookshops across the country.
Check your local comic-retailer for a copy of "Schroot"; it's only 12,50 euro's

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