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Although I'm an illustrator and comicbook-artist by trade I ' m interested in lots of others things and I figured it would be nice to share at least some of these interests with you.

Have fun!

Ben Vranken

Tuesday, November 25, 2008



a while ago I was asked to do a series of drawings for 'De Volkskrant', a major Dutch newspaper. They were preparing a special on the Northsea and we figured it would be nice to have a sort of comic running through the newspaper.
Both 'De Volkskrant' and me were very pleased with the result and I hope you will be too. The on-line version of the webspecial can be found by going here


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BAG LAD said...

In the future, everybody will be famous for 15 people...

Een quote, ik weet niet meer van wie, over weblogs: er zijn er veel, maar zijn er ook lezers?

Ik weet zeker dat jouw blog en site gezien worden. Maar laat mij dan de eerste zijn om te reageren.

Nice work Ben!