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Ben Vranken

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


Hello there,

again it has been a while but that' s because I have been really busy with a lot of different things. I' m sorry if you kept on visiting this blog and was dissapointed time after time. Your suffering is over!

Last year in november I got incredible lucky because I was invited to make a trip to Iceland. I was asked to do a story for a well known Dutch motoring magazine.
For AUTOWEEK I did a story about a ' father and son' -adventure on the beautiful volcanic island.
A Dutch travelling agent offers this trip to fathers and sons in need of some quality time with each other.( I went with my son Wiborg.)
We drove a quad-bike, rode on horse-back and visited an incredible cave.
All of this against the beautiful Icelandic backdrop. It was very inspiring to visit this little nordic country and I really liked the atmosphere up there. People are very relaxed and helpfull.
I can recommend a visit to Iceland especially when you' re in to volcanoes, fjords and caves.

I published some photos I took during this trip.

Till next time